Control a mighty robot in a fast-paced battle against other players. Use powerful weapons to wreak havoc. Specialize your robot with unique components.



Main character shooting

Main character shooting

Destructed rock

Destructed rock
Game play:

Project Destruction is First Person Shooter where the playable character is a non human like robot. Players compete in short-timed matches in several modes like “Deathmatch” or “Capture the flag” against each other. The game play is heavily affected by the destructible environment. Robots can break through every wall; break off a rock to throw it at an enemy or use it as a shield. The destructions are calculated in real time, so it depends where the player shoots at and needs a little practice to use it right, among others because the mass of broken off parts are used for damage calculation.

By winning matches players can buy better weapons or new special components for their robots, to get more armor, more speed for example or other abilities.


-Multiplayer LAN and Online

-Physic Engine

-Real Time Destructible Environment

-Accurate Robot hit zones

-Dismembering Robots


-Core features are implemented

-Robot animation and dismemberment

-Multiplayer features are implemented, except hole punching

A lot of implemented features need a little improvement and testing. The game modes are not finished yet there is also just one test map, these things are coming next.

Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

New Upload

I uploaded a new Version, now you can create an online server or search for them. You may need to forward some port on your router.

Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

First Upload

A very early alpha version of “Project Destruction” is uploaded.

There is no actual game play yet, but the core mechanics must be tested. So expect more features/game modes/items in the future.
The graphics also do not look so nice yet, I will improve shaders/particles/... etc later, and I can only use free media, because I have no money. 
If you are a 2D or 3D artist and want to join my project, you are very welcome, just contact me.

In this version you can only run around and destroy things. You can also try out the multiplayer in death-match mode.
For testing purpose all weapons have unlimited munition and just count their shoots.

To change graphics settings open “ogre.cfg” with a text editor(explains itself).

  • Move: W A S D
  • Duck : Ctr l
  • Shoot: Left Mouse
  • Place Explosives: Right Mouse
  • Show Player Kills: hold Tab

Start Server:
  • select “Create” Category
  • click “Create”(left bottom)
  • select your Class
  • wait for other Players to join!
  • click “Start Game”
Players cannot connect to the server after the game has started. This may change in future. To play over internet the server must forward the port on his router.
To connect to a server the client must first add the server.

If the game won't start or crashes while playing, it would be nice and helps me a lot if you can send me a short message, containing what you have done before the crash, your systems hard- and software specification, and the content of the “ogre.log” and the “log.txt”(via Google+ or the mail address in the “ReadMe.txt”).

Features alpha 0.01
  • Destructible Environment( everything except the ground can be destroyed )
  • Accurate Player Hit Zones
  • Different Player Classes
  • Multiplayer
    • LAN and Online
    • 4 Players tested, 32 possible

I hope you have a little fun testing and destroying, and stay tuned for updates.